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In a world where everything can be summed up in a 140 character tweet, every word matters. That's where we come in. We've helped companies to promote events, shape communication strategies and train staff, developing their social media and website skills.


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Create a social strategy that will enable you to spread your message, gain customers and create the business you've always dreamed of.



Running an event? We can help you reach your target audience, making sure that it's a success. We've even got an e-course coming up where you can learn the ropes yourself!

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develop your skills

We offer various training and development packages to suit your needs. From 1 hour consultations to 3 month consultation packages and group training - Just get in contact to find out more. 

Running an event? We can help you reach your target audience, making sure that it's a success. 

If you're putting all your effort into running an event, you want to make sure that people attend. That's where we can help. Through various techniques, we can support you in reaching the people that you would love to attend, ensuring that your event is a success.

Case Study: Start Up Brixton

Start-Up Brixton (now Start Up Good Business) is a yearly event that grew out of Hatch Enterprise (an enterprise incubator helping businesses launch and grow from a singular idea) and the notion that more people should have access to entrepreneurship help.

Before we started: We debated posting to the Hatch Enterprise accounts rather than giving it a separate identity, however, we decided that because it was a stand-alone event that we’d want to repeat, it needed it’s own account, at least on Twitter.

The results: From the 10th March to 28th May 2016 we gained +628 followers on the designated Twitter account averaging 5 link clicks, 6 Retweets and 10 likes per day. We also helped gain 1743 sign ups to the event and raised over £900 in paid ticket sales for workshops.

The Website:

The Twitter Account:


Not knowing how to edit your website can be costly and time consuming.  

That's where we come in. We can deliver either group or 1-1 training to your staff to ensure they are comfortable in editing the website layout, text and adding in any extra features that you may need.

Case Study: Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

The team at Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust were left frustrated after their website theme was left, installed but unpolished by a web designer that they had been using. 

Not knowing how to edit the theme or add any new content, they were at a loss of how to create the website they'd been looking forward to. 

Initially, we helped restructure and design the site (working alongside the marketing and communications team) using core user experience and communication principals. However to make sure that the team were all comfortable using the website going forward, Good Vibe Canyon delivered group training to the core team. 



Great social media content can be the difference between gaining a client, and shouting into the abyss.

To create great social media content, you need to know your audience. We carry out a complete analysis of the platforms that you're using before optimising them and curating content based upon your current needs, as well as your current and potential audiences. 

Case Studies: Impact Hub Brixton and Impact Hub Islington

These two Impact Hub's are part of a global network of 82+ hubs.

It all started in 2005 when a group of students and entrepreneurs came together with a dream of creating a space that made them want to come to work. Now, Impact Hubs everywhere, from Amsterdam to Sao Paulo, Manila to Antigua, support over 11,000 change makers to be their best selves.

We worked specifically with the Brixton based Impact Hub and helped them through the transition of moving from the Lambeth Town Hall to Pop Brixton.

Then, with Impact Hub Islington for their move to Dingley Place.

Before we came onboard: They already had an engaged community, however, were strapped for time and therefore producing little social media content. The main reason for this was that they were in the process of changing their location and therefore didn’t have the time needed to spend on communications. Therefore, they needed someone to keep the community involved and engaged, as well as informed about any delays to the move.

We helped by:  Producing daily content for both Facebook and Twitter increasing both their following and engagement plus making sure that the community was up to date with everything move related (including creating F&Q sheets, newsletters, and personal conversations).

Our contract with the Impact Hub ended in December 2015. However, in March 2016 they asked us back in April to continue with their communications indefinitely.

Due to this work, we were asked to carry out the same services for Impact Hub Islington in July 2016 to help with the move to Dingley Place.


Sometimes all you need is a little outside perspective to give your communications strategy the boost it needs.

That's why we work with entrepreneurs on a one-to-one basis. This includes:

  • Determining which platforms work best 
  • Setting realistic communication goals
  • Co-creating an actionable communications strategy based on business needs
  • Creating effective campaigns
  • Basic social media training
  • Website support for Wordpress and Squarespace.
  • Mailchimp training
Lauren is an extremely personable, reliable, knowledgeable person in the competitive field of social media marketing. She is my go-to lady for any advice on social media or digital communications for my own business. I would highly recommend Lauren from Good Vibe Canyon for all of your social marketing needs!
— Kate Windebank, Founder & CEO of Kate & Co, career coaching and personal branding.